May Contain Nuts!

Allergies, special diets and the responsible service of alcohol; never has there been so much to consider when hosting a party in these modern times.

So, should your wedding carry a health warning?

The energy burned through sheer excitement alone is likely to counteract any of the adverse effects of having that extra piece of cake or sharing that cocktail with friends. Positive vibes generated from mingling with large numbers of loved ones could count as group therapy, with the complex array of logistics and planning required to pull the whole day off helping contribute to maintaining your mental acuity!

For all the goodness that’s likely to flow from your big day, maybe all your expenses should be paid by your health insurance? Unfortunately, there is yet to be a company willing to offer this sort of coverage.

So, until their policies change, keep in mind all the positive things which will come out of organising your special day. Most of all, the memories you’ll have for ever.