Hello, my name is Christopher Hayles.
I am a Sydney based documentary photographer, who loves traveling the world and being in the right place at the right time.

The best job I can imagine is photographing those special moments shared between people. Inspired by the documentary photography of the 60’s, my style is candid and unobtrusive leaving you with images that are simple and personal.

With a lifetime's experience as a high school music teacher and over twenty years of either playing at or photographing weddings, I’m used to being at the pointy end of solving problems and striking the right tone. Experience tells me that great photography happens when you and I share a common vision.

If you would prefer to enjoy the company of family & friends, rather than be a prop at a fashion shoot on your wedding day; It feels like my next collaboration could be with you.


When not taking photos for other people, here are some of my own images that I’m passionate about.