Batteries Not Included

Count how many blinking lights there are around you. Red, green, amber. Flashing, telling us something important; power on, power off, in use, battery flat, fully charged, ready to go. If only we had little lights to remind ourselves when we need to recharge and take a break!

Why do we take for granted the most important battery we have? Especially if we don’t want to go flat at those most crucial times. In the lead up to your wedding, you will use unusually high levels of emotional and physical energy to plan, organise and negotiate every last detail.

Unless you stop to recharge your batteries, you won’t be able to enjoy the day and share those special moments with your loved ones. Take a break, book a facial, paint a picture, paint the house; whatever it is that restores your energy, be sure to make time to change your lights from red to green.