Are We There Yet?

Remember how painful it was, sitting in the car not knowing when you could escape the confined space of the back seat, stop for an ice cream or just be anywhere else other than in non air-conditioned discomfort!

As a child, some of those summer road trips seemed to never end. Who’d have thought that as an adult you’d ever have to wait so long again. Even though you still have so much to do and organise, you probably wish you could have your wedding tomorrow?

Say ‘I do’, throw a party, play with friends and eat as much ice cream as you want! However, as we grow older, we learn that it’s the anticipation of what’s to come which is often the sweetest part of the journey.

Be sure to savour all that’s involved in the lead up to your wedding and relish the choices you get to make which help you share this day with your closest family and friends. The seemingly long time it takes you to get there will prove insignificant to all the memories you end up having forever.

Nevertheless, you’re never too old to play eye-spie in the car or pinch your younger brother as a distraction when on your next family trip!