May Contain Nuts!

Allergies, alcohol, sugar, high blood pressure and obesity; never in history has there been so much attention placed on all the risks we face when trying to live our lives in a modern society. 

So, should your wedding carry a health warning?

Rather than looking at this from a glass half full point of view, you should consider that there are going to be many more positive feelings and emotions come out of your special day than not. For all the goodness that’s likely to flow, maybe the cost of your wedding day should be covered by your health insurance!

The energy burned through sheer excitement alone is likely to counteract any adverse reaction to having that extra piece of cake or shared cocktail with friends. The positive vibe generated from mingling with large crowds of loved ones could count as group therapy with the complex array of logistics and planning contributing to maintaining your mental acuity!

Unfortunately, I know of no insurance company willing to offer this sort of coverage. So, until their policies change, keep in mind all the positive things which will come from organising your special day. Most of all, the memories. - nuts.jpg

Hello, my name is Christopher Hayles. I am a Sydney based wedding photographer who loves being in the right place at the right time. My style is candid and unobtrusive leaving you with images that are simple, personal and memorable. If you would prefer to enjoy the company of family & friends, rather than be a prop at a fashion shoot on your wedding day; it feels like my next collaboration could be with you.